Support  the Zoo Today!

Help support the Bergen County Zoo as we grow and create a loving home for our animals. The Bergen County Zoo house many vanishing species. Your contribution to the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo will go a long way in helping our special animals. We are grateful for any size donation. 

We accept all kinds of contributions from a memorial gift to a legacy gift or just a simple thank you gift. The Friends and the animals here are appreciative of your support and generous giving!
If you would like to give a monetary donation, please make checks payable to Friends of the Bergen County Zoo.

Donations can be sent to:
Friends of the Bergen County Zoo
216 Forest Ave
Paramus, NJ 07652

or donate any amount online at our online gift shop
                 Sponsor an Animal
Sponsoring an animal is a simple but effective way to personally help an animal. 
Your sponsorship will help cover the cost of veterinarian care, exhibit improvements and enrichment supplies, as well as their grocery bill! (Those cows eat a lot of hay!)
  It's a great gift idea for yourself as well as for others, but best of all, its tax-deductible!

In addition to Monetary Donation, the Zoo is in Need of

New or Gently Used: Towels, Flat Sheets, other linens





Large Food Processor

Flash Lights


Fly Zappers

Gift Cards to Petsmart, Petco, Petgoods

Gift cards to

Gift cards to Ramsey Outdoor

Ferret Toys

Chinchilla Toys

Rabbit Toys

Macaw Toys

Acrylic Mirrors


Large Bells



Artificial Plants

***please drop off any items in the zoo office**

Thank You from All of Us at the Bergen County Zoo

Your kindhearted donation will go a long way to help the animals both at the zoo as well as animals abroad from one of the conservation efforts that we support!

We all thank you and share your desire to grow and help change the world, one animal at a time!