Meet Dolly

Dolly came to the Bergen County Zoo in February 2013 from the Bergen County Equestrian Center at Overpeck Park.  The zoo had been looking for a horse just like Dolly for years and jumped at the offer for Dolly to come live with us.

Dolly is a beautiful Belgium Draft horse mix who is about 10 years old.  She loves to keep fit by walking the zoo paths with a keeper or running in the pasture, but quickly misses her new donkey friends - Millie and Jan.  In general draft horses are known for being strong work horses rather than riding horses.  They have an extra layer of powerful muscle that makes pulling heavy objects a breeze.  Belgium Draft horses are also known for their size.  Dolly is approximately 16 hands high which is considered on the smaller side for this type of horse.

Dolly is always happy to see a keeper when they come to groom her, which happens every day!  She also has her feet cleaned every three days.  Why so often you may ask? Dolly doesn't wear shoes; most horses don't have to wear shoes if their feet are kept clean and healthy. Next time you are at the zoo you may see a keeper with Dolly. Feel free to ask them any questions, they are always willing to share their knowledge of this gorgeous addition to the zoo.  Dolly has settled into her new home wonderfully and we are so glad to have this magnificent horse call the Bergen County Zoo her home.
Fun Fact:  The world's largest horse (3,200 lbs) was a Belgian Draft named Brooklyn Supreme.