Budgie Exhibit

The Budgie exhibit is closed for the 2021 season 
It gets too cold for these birds!
Hope you had a blast while it was open!

We expect it to reopen around Memorial Day 2022

Its back!! After a few years off, the Budgie Exhibit is here and waiting for you!!!

Enter into a world of flying budgie birds. Watch your head as this exhibit is full of over 300 beautiful green and blue budgies. This attraction allows you to feed the birds with our feeding sticks and get up close and personal with these friendly birds. 

Please be careful not to hurt the Budgies as they are delicate!!!


This exhibit is separate from general admission to the zoo
Admission is an extra $1.00 (free for members, but must show card) 
Feeding sticks is an extra $1.00 per stick

Who Are Budgies?

The Budgies full name is Budgerigar (/ˈbəjərēˌɡär/) and their scientific name is melopsittacus undulates.
These adorable birds are native to Australia. Budgies are a type of Parrot and they are highly trainable. They are even capable of mimicking human speech, maybe you will hear them say something!