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Who are the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo?

The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing financial support to the Bergen County Zoological Park for the welfare of its animals, educational programs and family-friendly facilities. It is the generous support of our sponsors, donors, members and zoo visitors that allow us to meet this mission. 


The Friends of the Zoo is honored to partner with Bergen County to support this beautiful zoo for the

educational and recreational enjoyment of the citizens and visitors of Bergen County.

Friends of the Zoo Board of Directors




Brian DeSimone


Arielle Miliambro



Elisa Wares

Zoo Director

Mari Vella


Jairus Marcella


Russ Holmgren


Fran Zak

Neil Devincenzo

Sean Sanders

Tammy Levinson

What is the Bergen County Zoo?

The Bergen County Zoo is a “New World” zoo, exhibiting wildlife from North and South America. You have the unique opportunity to view such rare and unusual species as Baird’s Tapir, Andean Condor, Golden Lion Tamarin, and many others.


The Bergen County Zoo provides a clean, aesthetically-pleasing facility that meets or exceeds the physical, environmental, and behavioral needs of the animals in its care. The goal of the zoo is to develop and maintain exhibits which emphasize natural behavior, encourage longevity, and promote breeding success. 

The zoo provides a unique and effective educational experience that fosters an appreciation for the interrelationships between the animals and their environments. It provides an enjoyable recreational experience for the residents and visitors of Bergen County.

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