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The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo is dedicated to the well-being of the animals at the Bergen County Zoo. A lot of our animals species are endangered and research is needed for them to thrive. Therefore we also help support Conservation efforts located throughout the world for animals out in the wild. 

Here are some of the recent Conservation organizations that the Friends have supported:


Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative

Patricia Medici - Brazil

This Conservation Initiative is a long-term study and research effort in Brazil. The Tapirs habitats are dwindling and also is the population of the Tapirs.  Their survival is threatened by roads, farming, and for their meat. This initiative helps learn and protect these fun animals hopefully allowing them to thrive again in the lowlands of Brazil.

AZA - Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE)

General fund

SAFE is a program designed to help many species of animals that are facing extinction. SAFE documents and analyze the conservation progress in real time as they help animals recover and build them up to survive in the wild.


Giant Armadillo Conservation Project

Giant Armadillos in Brazil's wetlands

Started in 2010, Arnaud Desbiez went down to Pantanal Brazil to learn, study, and protect these extraordinary giant animals whose habitat is threatened with nearby farming, hunting, and wildfires.

When Texas went into a deep freeze, the sea turtles in the area were struggling to survive. The Friends of the Bergen County Zoo helped by giving a donation to aid these amazing creatures and help the zookeepers with their enormous task of keeping the sea turtles warm!


The Tapir is a unique mammal that has been the victim of losing their habitat because of deforestation and other human interventions. This group has been studying Tapirs to help them get off the endangered species list. They have been working to grow and survive the Tapirs in the wild along side humans. 

AZA - SAFE - Red Wolf Conservation

The Red Wolf is critically endangered in the wild. This group of advocates are working to strengthen the Red Wolf in the wild by breeding and reintroducing them into the wild. AZA has a survival plan that is desperately needed to keep the Red Wolf from extinction. Hopefully one day they will thrive! 


During the Wildfires that engulfed large portions of Australia, the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo felt that it was very appropriate to help support the groups that risked a lot to protect and nurture the animals that had their homes and ecosystem destroyed by the wildfires. 

While the wildfires were raging, the WWF went into the heat of the flames to save as many animals as they could to preserve the precious wildlife of Australia. The WWF is a conservation group the Friends of the Bergen County Zoo strongly support as we too cherish the lives of these animals. 


Plastic Free July is all about saying NO! to single serve plastic for a month. Can you handle the challenge? Our planet is becoming full of plastic liter everywhere. Be a part of the solution and limit the amount of plastic filling up our oceans, streets and creeks. 

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